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resilient disciples

Rick Hill is a speaker, leader and writer based in Northern Ireland. Married to Sarah with two young sons, Rick serves in leadership at Carnmoney Church and works for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in the areas of discipleship and leadership. He is passionate about seeing every follower of Jesus equipped and mobilised to serve in God’s mission. Rick is the author of Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples.

Rick has written his first book; needed to sell it but didn’t want to either manage a website or do the pick and pack elements.

He approached Tricord with his dilemma. We quickly grasped the need and the urgency as he wanted to take pre-release orders at the start of the new school/church year. We had his book online and available for pre-orders within 48 hours. This involved:
* SKU created
* Image re-sizing
* Copy creation
* Advice on pricing
* Determining shipping costs
* New Collection created

This was all achieved under a very tight timeline and approved by Rick before pushing live. Rick was then supplied with several different links for his Social Media feeds and his own website allowing him to promote and direct people to where they can purchase.

Tricord has also supported Rick in his wholesale distribution to retail and online bookshops.

Tricord has now sold three print runs and is about to place his fourth – truly a success story!

The professionalism of Tricord alongside the personal approach of John and Emma have been invaluable to me as a first-time author. They have taken the pressure out of selling, packaging and distributing, and also been a huge source of wisdom through quiet advice along the way. I have found their response swift and their attitude gracious at all times. I thoroughly recommend Tricord to others!

Rick Hill