Helping to increase resources to children in Africa

By Noel G

Our client is a Northern Ireland charity involved in charitable work amongst children in Uganda with a view to relieving poverty through education. They rely on a large number of individual donors and communicate with them on a frequent and regular basis. The management wanted assistance to reduce the amount of charity resources (time, effort and cost) involved in mailings to these donors so that more could be devoted to fulfilling the charitable aims.


We have assisted in two main areas :-

Providing a fast, low cost mail-merge printing service to enable personalised letters to be produced quickly, economically and securely. As we are certified to ISO27001 (Information Security) this gives the charity assurance that their donors’ data will be managed in a safe, secure manner and that it will be safely deleted when no longer required. We provide a quick turnaround so that the charity can be satisfied that they are communicating with their donors in a timely manner. The letter and any required enclosures are machine-inserted and posted using the most economical mailing tariff.

On occasions the charity wants to avail of the goodwill of volunteers who insert newsletters into envelopes without cost to the charity. These envelopes are then delivered to us to be overprinted with the necessary Postage Paid Impression and posted using a cheaper tariff than could normally be obtained by the charity.


We have provided a concrete benefit to the charity and enabled them to save many hundreds of pounds over the normal posting tariffs available to them as well as sharing in economies of scale by using our printing, folding and envelope insertion services.

The charity have been able to focus on their major aim of assisting the children of Uganda and maximising the resources their donors provide and which are invested in the young people of Africa