Hub Packaging reaches out for speedy service on Christmas mail campaign

By John

Hub Packaging is one the biggest and most established suppliers of industrial packaging and consumable products throughout the whole island of Ireland, providing complete end-to-end solutions for all their clients’ packaging needs. With a proud tradition of rapid delivery service covering the whole of Ireland, Hub Packaging are a recognised leader in the industrial packaging industry, offering new industry innovations and only the finest quality for their customers.

Hub Packaging put forward a direct mail campaign with specific requirements: there were several thousand units of 3 items, including posters and calendars, to be sorted and shipped to a tight deadline before Christmastime.

Since these units were to be delivered in special metallic envelopes which were not sortable by machine, partnering with Tricord gave Hub Packaging the resources of a trained and dedicated team with the capacity to hand insert the items with the accuracy and speed required. With the timeline agreed, we knew exactly how to assemble the items and have them ready well in time for delivery, meeting the logistical needs for this campaign.

“Very reliable service and completed on time.”
 – Mairead McComb, Hub Packaging

In the tight schedule leading up to holidays, we were able to guarantee that Hub Packaging’s delivery targets were met for their Christmas calendar mail campaign, with several thousand units of envelopes hand-sorted and ready to go in no time at all.